Situational Problem Solver May31st

Situational Problem Solver May31st

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This course is intended for anyone carrying a firearm for self-defense. Whether you carry on duty as a Law Enforcement Officer, Military personnel or as a Civilian License to Carry holder, you will encounter complex situations in which your decisions are the difference between life or death. These split-second decisions will be judged long after the incident is over. In this course we will discuss the introduction of a firearm during a critical event in which the drawing or use of the firearm may or may not be needed. We will discuss the skills, mindset and the process not just for deciding a course of action but for making the right decision at the right time. During this course, students will get a chance to test their situational awareness. We also explore the possible legal ramifications both criminal and civil that can arise as a result of using force. This course will culminate with force on force scenarios to evaluate and test the students on their decision-making process.

Students will conduct both live fire and force on force (non-live fire) during this course.  

Topics Covered

  • Safety- Weapons Manipulation around others
  • Historical Attack Scenarios
  • Common Attack Locations
  • Legal Considerations
  • Medical Considerations
  • Link Up with Police/First Responders
  • Skill Level Understanding
  • Force on Force Scenarios

Course Requirements:

  • Serviceable Handgun. Semiautomatic or Revolver
  • Rentals available!
  • Tactical Gear or Concealed Carry Rig (Must demonstrate safe operation) to include Pistol/Holster- NO SERPA HOLSTERS unless mandated by unit or agency.
  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Close Toe Shoes, Hat, Long Pants
  • Water
  • Weather Appropriate Gear (Seasonal)
  • Weapons cleaning equipment
  • 100 rounds of pistol ammunition- NO RELOADS
  • AMMO AVAILABLE- Contact us for details.