Pistol Operator June 14th

Pistol Operator June 14th

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 Our Pistol Operator course is perfect for students wishing to obtain their Texas License to Carry. This course focuses on the safe handling and efficient operation of both the semi-automatic and revolver type handgun. Students will engage both paper and steel targets from critical distance (3yds) to 25yds and beyond utilizing barricades from standing, kneeling, and moving positions. Upon completion of this course students will have a thorough understanding of Firearm Safety, Firearm Operation, Care and Maintenance of their firearm, and the details of Every Day Carry.

Course Requirements:

  • Serviceable Handgun. Semiautomatic or Revolver
  • Rentals available!
  • Tactical Gear or Concealed Carry Rig (Must demonstrate safe operation) to include Pistol/Holster- NO SERPA HOLSTERS unless mandated by unit or agency.
  • Body Armor (Optional)
  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Close Toe Shoes, Hat, Long Pants
  • Water
  • Weather Appropriate Gear (Seasonal)
  • Weapons cleaning equipment
  • 300 rounds of pistol ammunition- NO RELOADS
  • AMMO AVAILABLE- Contact us for details.

We also offer this course in Ladies Only Format!