Low Light Training
Low Light Training


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Low Light Tactics Course

This course is designed for Law Enforcement, Security, and Civilians who want to learn the latest, most up to date tactics in utilizing the flashlight in low light situations.

The objective of this course is to provide First Responders and Civilians a variety of tactics and techniques to prevail in a low light encounter.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Recognize the need to develop a personal “winning mindset” in high stress encounters. 
• Identify the different lighting conditions and apply the appropriate low-light tactic/technique for each. 
• Identify the characteristics of a good defensive/offensive illumination tool.
• Understand the pros and cons of weapon mounted lights.
• Conduct a proper low light search during force on force scenario.
• Recognize the importance of proper mental conditioning, physical skills, and equipment and how together they increase your probability of winning a low-light confrontation.

This course takes an ordinary tool, the flashlight, and turns it into a force-multiplying psychological weapon.

Too many First Responders and Civilians still view the tactical light primarily as an illumination tool and train with it as such. This course will help First Responders and Civilians to maximize the tactical flashlight’s potential and utilize it in a manner to stack the odds in their favor during high risk situations.

Reccomended Equipment:

  • Serviceable Handgun
  • Rentals available!
  • Tactical Gear or Concealed Carry Rig (Must demonstrate safe operation) to include Pistol/Holster- NO SERPA HOLSTERS unless mandated by unit or agency.
  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Body Armor(Optional)
  • Close Toe Shoes, Hat, Long Pants
  • Water
  • Weather Appropriate Gear (Seasonal)
  • Weapons cleaning equipment
  • 300 rounds of pistol ammunition- NO RELOADS