Intro to Movement Rifle

Intro to Movement Rifle

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Our Intro to Movement course is designed to introduce shooters to the fundamental skills necessary to shoot effectively while on the move. This course will focus on footing/footwork (not stance). Students will engage both paper and steel targets from critical distance (3yds) to 25yds and beyond from Standing, Kneeling, and Moving positions. The world moves and so should you!




Course Requirements:


Serviceable Rifle- AR15/AR10/AK

Rentals available!


Ability to carry 2 Magazines

Body Armor (Optional)

Eye/Ear Protection

Close Toe Shoes, Hat, Long Pants


Weather Appropriate Gear (Seasonal)

Weapons cleaning equipment

250 rounds of rifle ammunition- NO RELOADS- NO GREEN TIP!

AMMO AVAILABLE- Contact us for details.